Duterte’s “shoot them dead” will heighten his political isolation from Filipinos

President Rodrigo Duterte is only hastening his political isolation from the people because of his tyrannical response to people’s legitimate demands.

For several days now, the public is seeking transparency on the Php275-billion budget for the Bayanihan We Heal As One Act and actual plans for social amelioration for sectors most affected by displacements due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine. However, in a live national address last night, Duterte got triggered and blabbered threats and violence against Filipinos.

KMP said Duterte’s “shoot them dead” order is actually directed at all Filipinos who will seek for help at this time of pandemic. “Lahat ng nagugutom, lahat ng walang trabaho, at lahat ng maghahanap ng tulong mula sa gobyerno ay gustong saktan at barilin na lang ng gobyerno.”

“His threats are nothing but empty words of a terrified and failed leader. Duterte only proved how despicable he is as a President and as a human being,” says Danilo Ramos, chairperson of KMP. “Mas dumarami ang dismayado na sa gobyerno dahil sa kapabayaan at kawalan ng malasakit sa taumbayan.”

“The rising public demand for food, aid, and assistance from the government is valid. People won’t survive solely on the charity and goodwill of the private sector and cause-oriented organizations. The government must be on top of the situation especially at this time of emergency and calamity. The hunger felt by the people is real and undeniable. Duterte can’t always invoke authority and act diabolic in response the people’s legitimate demands,” the peasant leader added.

“It is only just for the people to demand accountability. The Php275-billion Bayanihan budget which is at government’s disposal are taxpayer’s moneny,” Ramos said.

KMP is demanding that the government expedite the distribution of Ph5k to P8k cash aid for 18 million low-income families. The group is demanding for emergency cash assistance and production subsidy for farmers.

Tulong hindi kulong, bigas hindi dahas

The KMP also warned against further repression and excesses in the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. In Cordillera Autonomous Region, Police Regional Office Director R’win Pagkalinawan reportedly issued an “order to police snipers to shoot alleged communist organizers who will organize the masses at this time.”

We warn against police brutality and abuse of authority by local enforcers. Tulong at bigas ang hinihingi ng taumbayan. Pag-aresto at dahas ang gustong ibigay ng PNP at iba pang awtoridad. Dapat natin itong kondenahin,” Ramos said. ###

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