Filipinos will condemn KBL’s nomination of Bongbong Marcos and resist the restoration of the Marcoses

September 24, 2021

Farmers are expressing strong opposition to the announcement of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) of their nomination of Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. as a presidential candidate in next year’s national elections. KBL will always be remembered as the political party of the dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos. KBL has become nothing but a mere nuisance in Philippine politics.

Bongbong Marcos should’ve learned from what transpired in 2016. Hindi na siya mananalo dahil hindi papayagan ng taumbayan ang ambisyon niyang makabalik sa Malakanyang,” according to KMP chairperson Danilo Ramos.  

We say a big NO to Marcos’s political ambitions and candidacy as President. Not in this lifime and not ever. Hindi kailanman hangga’t may kahit iisang Pilipinong tumututol sa pagbabalik ng mga Marcos sa kapangyarihan.

“Filipinos will oppose Marcos’s candidacy in the same way that we will oppose to high heavens Duterte’s ambitions to erect another dynasty in Malacanang,” the peasant leader said.  

Ramos said Marcos’s controversial interview session with a celebrity vlogger earned him more ire than popularity. He cannot revise and twist historical facts. His family’s decades of plundering and criminality will always be etched in the country’s history. There will be no forgive and forget for the Marcoses. ###

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