DAR list reaffirms Tinang farmers as rightful owners

#Tinang83 update as of June 20, 12:35 pm

The revalidated list of Tinang farmer-beneficiaries has been posted today June 20 at the Tinang Barangay Hall, Concepcion City Hall, and at the Makisama – Tinang hut inside Hacienda Tinang. Expectedly, the list of 178 beneficiaries included all 94 members of MAKISAMA-Tinang.

This list from the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) itself reaffirms the Tinang farmers as rightful owners of 200 hectares of land from Hacienda Tinang.

It bolsters the rightful claim of the Tinang farmers to the plot they cultivated with supporters last June 9, cementing the utter baselessness of the charges filed against them. At the same time, it further cripples the wobbly claims by land grabber and incoming Mayor Noel Villanueva, his puppet cooperative, and the police, of any offense from the part of the Tinang farmers and their supporters.

After this formal notice, DAR is expected to formally install the Tinang farmer-beneficiaries at the soonest possible time.

Despite this, land grabber Noel Villanueva is expected to try and continue to deprive the Tinang farmers of their land, as their clan has done for decades. For this, we encourage everyone to stay vigilant.

We repeat: supporting farmers is not a crime. Contrary to this, we have witnessed how the outpouring of public support has advanced the Tinang farmers’ plight. #

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