Implement price ceiling conscientiously, aid local producers and consumers

Farmers reaction to Duterte EO 124

Malacanang today issued Executive Order No. 124 mandating a 60-day price ceiling on pork and chicken products in Metro Manila.

Under the EO, the price ceiling will remain in full force and effect for 60 days, unless extended by President Duterte upon the recommendation of the Department of Agriculture.

The DA earlier recommended the imposition of a price ceiling on pork and chicken after retail prices skyrocketed at the start of January.

“Malacanang’s duty does not end in the issuance of an EO. Executive agencies must thoroughly implement the price ceiling while aiding consumers and local producers,” says Danilo Ramos, chairperson of KMP.

The group said local backyard and small to medium raisers and breeders need significant support price for unhampered and ramped-up production given the negative production for livestock and poultry in 2020.

KMP proposed the further reduction of pork prices to pre-ASF levels. “This is doable, especially since agri secretary William Dar insists that the production cost of pork is at P130 per kilo and the break-even point for selling pork is only around P105. We need reduced prices that are acceptable to both consumers and producers,” Ramos said.

The peasant leader said aside from the price ceiling, urgent economic relief for consumers is also imperative. “Significant wage hikes, cash aid, production subsidies, and social amelioration are also needed to help the public cope with the increasing cost of living. As of December 2020, the family living wage in NCR or the amount a family of five needs for a decent living is pegged at  Php1,057. ###

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