LOOK: Villanueva family owns big shares in Tinang “cooperative”

These pages are from a certified true copy of the Tinang SN Multipurpose Cooperative’s incorporation documents acquired from the Cooperative Development Authority last 2017. Shown here are the shareholders of the cooperative and their respective shares, revealing the Villanueva family’s 2,680 subscribed shares, amounting to P268,000, the largest among any individual family in the cooperative.

Noel Villanueva’s brother, Vernon, is also one of the Board of Directors of the cooperative while Noel himself is one of its cooperators.

These facts are proof of the Villanueva clan’s interest over the 200-hectares of land awarded to Tinang farmers. It reveals their hand behind the creation and operation of this so-called cooperative.

On top of this direct economic interest are the Villanuevas’ dynastic power. Aside from outgoing Tarlac Congressman and incoming Mayor Noel Villanueva, Vernon was a former Board Member of the Third District of Tarlac and baranggay captain of Tinang, a position his son Norman also took.

This is how Noel Villanueva has made the Tinang land dispute appear to be a dispute between farmers, between this cooperative and Makisama-Tinang. In reality, Villanueva is using the cooperative as shield and weapon.

In fact, it was Villanueva who called the PNP Concepcion to arrest the Tinang farmers and their supporters last June 9. He even arrived with them and berated the farmers before the mass arrest occurred.

This is not the first time Noel Villanueva used this modus to acquire control over lands awarded under CARP. Back in 2014, Villanueva was among the landgrabbers identified by farmworkers who tookover awarded parcels of Hacienda Luisita using a similar leaseback scheme (aryendo).

Concepcion Mayor-elect Noel Villanueva speaking against Makisama-Tinang is not the voice of a local government official concerned over his constituents. It is that of a haciendero ranting against farmers who finally realized their right to the land they till. #

(Link to 2014 Bulatlat article on the aryendo scheme in Hacienda Luisita: https://www.bulatlat.org/2014/07/04/more-crops-destroyed-in-luisita-to-pave-way-for-sugar-plantation/)

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