#StandWithRappler #DefendPressFreedom

We condemn the continued harassment against Rappler by the Duterte regime, undertaken until its last moments. The June 28 decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to revoke Rappler’s incorporation documents is part of the now five-year project of shutting down the media outfit.

Despite persecution from five government agencies, Rappler has stood its ground against submitting to the ruling Duterte faction.

We stand with Rappler. The news outfit provides a meaningful platform for critical voices in the country and is at the front lines of the fight against disinformation.

Happening just days after the unlawful shutting down of the websites of independent news outfits Bulatlat and Pinoy Weekly, there appears to be an intent to sweep or “wipe clean” independent and opposing voices from the country’s media landscape for the incoming Marcos Jr. regime. These attempts of a digital shutdown will only worsen the malaise of disinformation for the benefit of plunderer-butcher oligarchs and dynasties.

Let us make our collective voices be heard in these trying times against disinformation and the stifling of democratic rights.

We urge the Filipino people to defend press freedom, the right to free speech, and free expression. There is much work to be done in compelling incoming President and disinformation overlord Marcos Jr. to respect the people’s rights. #

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