Farmers throw support for ABS-CBN amid state-sponsored arm twisting

Farmers and land reform advocates under the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) express support and solidarity to the rank-and-file employees, artists, talents, management, and staff and crew of ABS-CBN network as it faces direct attack from the office of the Solicitor General which filed a quo warranto petition to revoke the media company’s franchise. “The long arm of tyranny and media censorship is attempting to silence and force ABS-CBN into cooptation,” KMP national chairperson Danilo Ramos says.

“We stand with ABS-CBN at this crucial time. We call on all peace and democracy-loving Filipinos to stand with ABS-CBN and resist the arm-twisting of Malacanang through the Office of the SolGen and its cohorts. We say no to ABS-CBN’s shutdown. We say no to the demolition of 11,000 jobs. We say no to the stifling of media freedom and public access to information,” Ramos declares.

Ramos said SolGen Calida is abusing the powers of his office to pounce on President Duterte’s perceived enemies. “The SolGen’s move which is a politically-motivated attack against ABS-CBN is violative of the peoples’ inherent right to public information.”

Early on, the network earned the ire and was openly maligned by Duterte himself. In the past year, ABS-CBN News has reported thoroughly on the effects of the rice tariffication law on farmers and the agricultural sector, it took cudgels for fisherfolks and Filipinos slighted by China’s incursion on our sovereignty and territories, it also reported lengthily on Oplan Tokhang that has killed thousands.

“Duterte is intolerant and almost allergic to criticism and dissent. These actions, together with this regime’s attacks against Rappler, aim to stifle and silence independent voices in the public arena. In the face of worsening social and economic crises, Duterte longs to more strictly control public opinion. ABS-CBN is only doing its sworn responsibility to be in the service of the Filipino people by reporting as truthful as possible the situation of our country,” Ramos concluded. ###

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