Farmers slam Energy Secretary Alfonsi Cusi for rotational brownouts

Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi must be held accountable for the rotating brownouts across Luzon. The available capacity today is 11,480 MW while the peak demand could reach 11,593 MW.

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) announced a red alert status due to a lower power supply that will result in two-hour rotational brownouts across affected Luzon provinces. Among the affected electric cooperatives and power distributors include BENECO, NEECO, SAJELCO, PAMES, QUEZELCO, SORECO I, and MERALCO that covers Metro Manila.  

While electricity customers across Luzon are experiencing grueling heat worsened by power interruption and outages, Cusi was in Cebu spearheading the ‘illegal’ meeting of administration political party PDP-Laban. Where are his delicadeza, and sense of responsibility? As Energy chief, Cusi should be on top of the power supply situation, but instead, he is cavorting with his fellow political opportunists in the Duterte camp.

Farmers and consumers demanded the DoE to address this power situation. ##

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